Our Clients and Partners

Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office has earned the confidence and respect of clients in Montenegro and around the world. We serve the legal needs of large and small corporations as well as individuals and partnerships. Our roster of clients includes prominent businesses and start-up enterprises, financial institutions and advisors, real estate developers, energy companies, chemical and agricultural concerns, information technology providers, professional firms, and a variety of other entrepreneurs. Our clients are engaged in manufacturing, construction, transportation, telecommunications, property management, international trade, lending and investing, architecture, retail sales, and all other aspects of commerce.

At Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office, every client is assured of expert representation that emphasizes confidentiality, dedication, and professionalism. Our attorneys provide prompt and diligent attention to each legal issue you bring to our attention. We strive to identify and resolve potential problems before they become troublesome. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The following list of representative clients demonstrates the diversity of the businesses that have come to rely on Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office as a trusted partner on the road to success.


Mr. Petros Stathis
Universal Capital Banka AD Podgorica
Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka AD Podgorica
China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
Inesa Europa Kft.

PZU BENU apoteke
Affinity Balkans
Atlas Group
Đak sport d.o.o.
Alfa-99 Info Consultancy d.o.o.
Kvadrat Advisors
Seven X Aviation d.o.o.
North Star Yachts d.o.o.
Vital Health Pharmaceuticals d.o.o.
W Morgan d.o.o.
Edera Financial investments d.o.o.
SBP investments d.o.o.
Karipidis Bross Co Spaik
Black Mountain Resorts
Vital Health Pharmaceuticals d.o.o.
Manat Holdings d.o.o.
Fry Straka
Nitro Chemicals d.o.o.
Suisse Holdings d.o.o.
Bobsleje trading d.o.o.
Almara d.o.o.
Fibrenet Telecom
Starma d.o.o.
Gebrüder Weiss d.o.o.
Amathist d.o.o.
Restis Group Greece
Balkan energy d.o.o.
Diamond Developments d.o.o.
AD Capital d.o.o.
Eight dragons d.o.o.
Really useful d.o.o.
Golden estate d.o.o.
Modi investments d.o.o.
Arbori d.o.o.
Sea Colony d.o.o.
Colliers International
CVS Trading d.o.o.