Commercial and Corporate

Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office, a full service commercial law office, assists clients based in Montenegro and international clients doing business in Montenegro with all of their business law needs. Whether you are establishing a business, operating an existing business, or planning to conduct business in Montenegro, you need a trusted partner to help you navigate the laws and regulations that govern your commercial transactions.

Providing high quality legal representation to our business clients is the first priority of the skilled commercial attorneys at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office. We are proud to assist our clients by offering a complete menu of commercial law services, including:

• Business Formation. If you decide to incorporate your business, Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office can prepare shareholder agreements and all documents required to create and register a corporate entity. If you are forming a partnership, we can tailor partnership agreements to your needs. If you want to operate as a sole proprietorship, we can advise you of the steps you must take to comply with the laws that regulate your business. We can also help you decide which form of business best suits your needs.

• Commercial contracts. Protect your interests by having Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office review contracts that have been proposed by your vendors, customers, and others with whom you conduct business. We will also negotiate and draft contracts that meet your particular requirements and advise you concerning the relative merit of alternative contract terms.

• Banking and finance. As you interact with investors and lenders who provide capital for your business, turn to Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office for the counseling and advice you need to understand all aspects of the financial transaction and to safeguard your resources.

• Mergers, acquisitions, and sales. If your business is merging with another business or acquiring a subsidiary, Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office will advise you concerning your rights and obligations and assist you in negotiating and drafting transactional documents. If you are selling your business or any part of it, our attorneys will review the proposed business purchase agreement and advise you about terms and conditions of sale that might be more beneficial to you.

• Bankruptcy and financial restructuring. Unfortunately, not every business thrives. If your business is in financial distress, Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office can help you explore available alternatives, including business liquidation or restructuring of your business debt.

• Employment issues. From employment contracts to termination of workers, the employment law experts at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office will help you avoid mistakes that lead to costly liability.
• Regulatory compliance and business administration. Questions about the application of regulations and compliance with administrative rules arise almost daily in the complex world of business. Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office can assist you with the day-to-day administration of your business by assuring that your actions and procedures meet the requirements of Montenegro’s regulatory agencies and are consistent with the laws governing your industry.

If you do business in Montenegro, you can trust the experienced commercial lawyers at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office to assist and advise you. Avoid legal problems before they arise by making Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office a trusted member of your team.