Litigation and Dispute Resolution

People in business want to do what they do best: running their businesses. They do not want to spend their time dealing with lawsuits. The litigation team at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office understands that litigation is an unwelcome diversion from the daily operation of your business. Our objective is to ease the burden of litigation and to help you resolve your disputes efficiently, economically, and successfully.


At Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office, we recognize that disputes are a part of doing business. Claims of economic damage arise from:

unpaid invoices and other breaches of contract;
misappropriation of trade secrets or intellectual property;
employment terminations;
negligent or faulty workmanship, manufacture, or construction;
nonpayment of insurance claims;
unfair competition;
and a variety of other disputes.

In addition, administrative agencies and regulatory bodies play ever-growing roles in scrutinizing business activities. Accusations that businesses have violated rules or regulations can lead to stiff penalties and license revocations.

You need a trusted partner on your side if your business is threatened with litigation or administrative enforcement proceedings. The litigation attorneys at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office have the experience and skill you can depend upon when you are taken to court or brought before an administrative tribunal. Our lawyers can also help you commence litigation to resolve contract breaches and other disputes that cannot be resolved in other ways.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Negotiation and settlement is almost always preferable to litigation. The outcome of a trial is usually uncertain. The lawyers at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office are experienced at all forms of dispute resolution, including the use of mediation to arrive at a fair settlement of your dispute.

Contracts often include an arbitration clause as an alternative form of dispute resolution. Our attorneys are experienced with all aspects of arbitration and are well-positioned to represent your business in arbitration proceedings. If you have a choice of arbitration or litigation, we can help you decide which is best for you given the unique circumstances of your case. Helping our clients achieve their goals is always the mission of the attorneys at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office.