Real Estate and Project Finance

The real estate attorneys at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office have a wealth of experience helping clients purchase, finance, lease, and sell property in Montenegro. Whether you building a production facility, developing a housing project, constructing a shopping center, converting an apartment building into a hotel, or purchasing an office building, you can trust Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office to protect your interests as you do business with investors, lending institutions, realtors, government administrators, builders, buyers, property managers, and all the other parties to your transactions.

At Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office, we treat all of our clients as equal partners. We serve domestic and international clients seeking to acquire, develop, or sell property in Montenegro. No real estate venture is too big or too small. Each project you bring to us will receive the full attention of a knowledgeable real estate attorney. We will provide advice and due diligence during every phase of your project, from land acquisition to financing, from construction to leasing or sale.

Our services include:

• Real estate transactions. You confidence in the outcome of your real estate transactions is important to us. Our real estate attorneys will exercise due diligence in reviewing and drafting your purchase agreements, deeds, construction contracts, financing agreements, disclosure statements, tax forms, registration materials, leases and property management agreements, and all other documents needed to assure that your rights are protected.

• Real estate development. Whether you are in the housing or hospitality industry, building golf courses or resorts, constructing retail stores or office buildings, Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office can assist you in all aspects of your project. Our full service law office advises clients in a variety of industrial, residential, commercial, and mixed-use development projects.

• Foreign investment. If your business is domiciled outside of Montenegro, we will assure that you understand and comply with Montenegro’s foreign investment laws before you acquire property in Montenegro.

• Zoning and land use. In addition to advising you about zoning laws, building codes, and environmental or land use regulations that apply to your project, Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office will help you acquire necessary permits and will represent you before governmental agencies and tribunals if you need to apply for a variance or seek an exception to the laws and regulations that apply to your project.

• Public/private partnerships.Exciting new opportunities are available in Montenegro for business development in partnership with the public sector.Consult with Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office to learn how your real estate development project might benefit by partnering with a public entity.

• Project financing. We can interface on your behalf with local and international financial institutions and project investors, always assuring that your interests are fully protected.

The dedicated real estate attorneys at Vujisic & Vukotic Law Office look forward to serving all of your legal needs in Montenegro.